IP Audits

We operate under the following principles: professionalism, integrity and due diligence.

Your IP is probably your most important intangible asset.  It could be an invention, branding, a novel process or a combination of these.  Ultimately, your IP gives you a market advantage and a competitive edge.

You wouldn’t dream of leaving your company’s doors unlocked and tangible assets (such as computers, machinery and cash) unprotected.   Well, IP needs to be treated with exactly the same care and attention. Getting the right advice at the right time ensures that your IP is identified and protected and remains protected.

Go Law will determine your IP health by conducting a comprehensive review of all your IP assets owned, used and acquired such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, domain name filings and technological know-how.  The purpose is to ensure they are managed correctly, to identify gaps in IP protection, to highlight potential IP-related risks and to provide details of how to maximise IP opportunities.

An IP audit makes sound business sense

We will not only provide you with a full inventory of your IP, so you understand what you have, but we’ll also give you an objective review of the ROI they are generating and strategic advice on how best to secure and exploit them.  This involves:

  • Identifying the intellectual property you own.
  • Ensuring that you have adequate legal title to your IP assets.
  • Reviewing your processes to capture, create, use and protect IP.
  • Identifying and addressing any gaps you may have in your IP strategy.
  • Foreseeing and managing possible future risks.
  • Reviewing how your IP contributes to your overall business strategy.
  • Ensuring you are maximising IP value.

The end result of our IP audit is that you will have a thorough understanding of the IP assets you possess as well as an ongoing strategy to build on them and optimise them.

Why an IP Audit Matters

  • To better identify and monitor your intellectual asset portfolio.
  • To unearth under-utilised IP assets.
  • To better secure your IP.
  • To determine the value of your IP.
  • To effectively exploit your IP.
  • To identify any threats to your IP that could affect your bottom line.

Uncover the potential of your business with a Go Law IP audit that gives you the full picture of what you own.