IP Litigation

We operate under the following principles: professionalism, integrity and due diligence.

Has someone infringed on your IP rights?  Is a competitor challenging the claims you make about one of your products?  Has someone copied your winning idea? If so we’re here to help.

Your intellectual property rights are a serious matter as they can be financially exploited, sold or licensed.  The stakes are high because protecting and managing them can mean the difference between success or failure. Theft or misuse can have devastating consequences.

Asserting IP rights and defending against incoming allegations helps you to stop others from stealing or copying your inventions and the names of your products, services and brands and their design and look.

Whether prompted by you or another party IP disputes can often be complex affairs.  Without the right support in place, they can also be expensive, stressful and time-consuming.  The IP litigation team at Go Law works closely with clients to spot issues early on so as to reach strategically secure and cost-effective resolutions.

We will provide you with all the support you need to resolve a dispute in or out of court.  We’ll explain all the options available to you in clear and simple language and discuss in detail what you can expect at each stage.

Our team is made up of lawyers whose in-depth legal and technical knowledge is backed up by exceptional business and industry experience.  They have a firm grasp of the specific technicalities of IP law. The strength of our collective knowledge and experience means that we understand the complexities of each situation.

Our IP litigation service includes but is not limited to:

  • Advising on infringement and clarifying your legal position.
  • Patent litigation.
  • Copyright litigation.
  • Domain name registrations and disputes.
  • Licensing disputes.
  • Arbitration and mediation.
  • Advice on resolving disputes without the need for litigation.
  • Settlement advice.

You know the outcome you are hoping to achieve, and we will help you get there.